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No: 49/93, Second Floor, Harrington Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai - 600 030. Tamil Nadu, India

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Music is exactly the strike of the party; it gets people together, replicates your fashion and personalities as a pair, and resolves the feeling you want to generate. You can hire an orchestra, and bring a higher level of sophistication and grace to your wedding day.
Wedding is the only occasion when all of your family comes together to celebrate and give a blessing to the bride and groom. Orchestra and music program have to be arranged so that all the relatives and guest will not get bore and stay lively. As we all know, an Indian wedding is not less than a festival and music play a vital role in it. Music and orchestra are organized to cherish the happiest moments in the life of a couple. Music and orchestra are necessary to mould your wedding day memories with soothing melodies intricately. Among the many significant concerns is music, because it facilitates to set the tone, swiftness, and approach for the wedding and the party. A lot of couples today are choosing on a wedding orchestra for their ritual, reception, or both. Keep in mind that selecting the accurate orchestra may take a little time, hence plan accordingly. You should interrogate the musicians or the master personally, and inquire the exact questions previous to booking, so you find the exact match for your special day. Depending on the traditional heredity of your family’s Indian legacy, the songs and dances everyone takes pleasure throughout your wedding may differ. Though, they will all confine the emotions that arrive with welcoming you and your groom to the family as a couple and delighting in your love and marriage.
No doubt, India is a very varied country with wealthy culture and heritage, and Indian wedding music is likely to vary between the regions. It will always be great to play music according to your culture, like Punjabi music, Tamil music, and Bengali music, etc. The guest and relative will surely enjoy this, and they will be able to connect with the ceremony.
Begin your search early, and hire your orchestra as far in advance as possible, as the best ones book up early. Besides creating lasting memories for you and your guests, an orchestra is both captivating and romantic. And since it’s a live performance, you’ll have more musical intensity and guest engagement.